(1) General
The sales are subject to the present general conditions which prevail over all terms purchases, except particular agreement reached previously in writing with the purchaser.

(2) Offer - order
Our quotes have a duration of one month and are established without charge to the purchaser. They are special conditions from complete or appropriate to modify the present general conditions. However, all projects that require study and design will be a billing. The acceptance of the offer from the co., Ltd. the GALTON's return the quote signed with the mention "good for agreement or an immediate unqualified written order of the purchaser, means complete acceptance of the present conditions of sale. Therefore, no order may be cancelled partially or totally running without our written consent. ?The processing work carried out by the purchaser will exclude Office responsible for the co., Ltd. the GALTON's. Intellectual property: the products sold by the company the GALTON's are subject to a deposit of patent at INPI. In no case, buyer has the right to reproduce these products under penalty of prosecution.

(3) Price
The S.A.R.L. LES GALTON's reserves the right to modify its prices at any time and without notice. Sales prices can be subject to increase of freight and invoicing fee depending on the delivery directed by S.A.R.L. LES GALTON's. The prize awarded to the buyer becomes final only after acceptance of the command sent by the buyer to S.A.R.L. LES GALTON's.

(4) Delivery - Transport
Delivery times are given indicative for each order and are to the co., Ltd. the GALTON's only an obligation of means and not of result. Without the express permission from us at the time of the command, the S.A.R.L. LES GALTON's be liable for any damages and interest, penalties or
compensation for delay. The application of freight is carried out depending on the mode of delivery of our finished products. In case of sale factory, the buyer supports all risk of loss or deterioration from the time of support of the goods by himself or by the carrier, except recourse against. The recipient will assume all the risks of the carriage of goods, without recourse against the sender, even in the case of shipping postage.
The buyer undertakes to receive commodity at the place and on the date indicated. Any shipment at the request of the buyer, will be billed. Upon delivery, in the event of missing or damaged packages, specific reservations must be made on the delivery and be confirmed by registered letter within 3 working days.

(5) Force majeure
Cases of force majeure or any impediment beyond our control affecting the manufacture or shipment of our products finished, and including, partial same strike, fire, flood, interruption or slowing of the means of transport, the defect or the suspension of supplies allow S.A.R.L. LES GALTON's to suspend, cancel or extend in time controls without recourse for compensation against the GALTON society' S.

(6) Claims
Noncompliance recognized by the S.A.R.L the GALTON's apparent defects in the finished product delivered or removed, we cannot be held to the simple remodeling or re-manufacture of finished products. Any claims regarding the implementation of the finished product (error sides, stripes, non-compliance with the standard,...) as well as those relating to the routing instructions are allowed only within a period of 8 days after receipt of the goods. Where the claim of the buyer would be accepted, the return of goods will take place within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of dispute. All processed by the buyer goods may be the subject of a claim or a deferred payment.

(7) Payment
All our products finished or all our benefits are payable at our headquarters located 208, rue pont hogris 50380 ST PAIR SUR MER. We reserve the possibility of subjecting the acceptance of an order to the perception of a deposit of a minimum of 30%. In a first case, a cash settlement is required. Any invoice amount less than or equal to €100 HT is set to the removal of the goods unless express agreement with the S.A.R.L. LES GALTON's. No discount for early payment or cash payment cannot be given without our agreement. This discount shall appear on the invoice under penalty of nullity. Delays after deadlines laid down on the Bills owed by the purchaser will bear interest of right at the legal rate in force. All bank charges relating to unpaid invoices will be
subject to billing. All payments uncommitted after formal notice will be treated by a bailiff and increased a minimum of €30.

(8) Retention of title
THE GALTON society ' S retains ownership of the property sold until full regulations. Does not constitute payment within the meaning of this clause, the delivery of treaties or any title creating an obligation to pay. These provisions shall not preclude the transfer upon delivery, the risk of loss or deterioration of goods sold as well as damage they might cause.

(9) Warranty
Finished products S.A.R.L. LES Galton ' S are guaranteed, subject to a written reference, for defects in workmanship (excluding normal wear and tear). Otherwise, we cannot be held responsible for damage attributable to implementation of our products compliant to our recommendations, manuals and technical advice in force. Maintaining in time performance of our products is linked to the respect of their maintenance and use conditions. Civil liability for damage caused to third parties by our merchandise is responsibility of the user.

(10) Clause conferring jurisdiction and competence
Any dispute of any kind that it is, relative to the formation or execution of contracts for sale or provision of services subject to these terms and conditions, will fall under the jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Commerce of ST LO.

(11) Applicable law
This agreement and all contracts that will be passed between the S.A.R.L the GALTON's and the buyer are subject to French law.