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Guest reviews

testimonies from customers using the GALTON'S crutches for their weekend tours

"I use the crutches since the start of the 2011 season, it is a very simple system to ask and who take very little space on the boat. Since I use them I have sailed twice as much as last year and the season is not over! I recommend the GALTON's to those looking for a beaching system. Thanks to Mr. Galton for his availability and good luck !"
Family Cerbonney


We wish to express our entire satisfaction for the crutches that have been custom made.
Since our acquisition, we can beach safely, as the boat is perfectly stable for eating and sleeping.
In addition, the crutches are lightweight and easy to setup.
The advantage of these crutches is that there is no need to drill the hull, which was essential for us.
We recommend the GALTON'S with no hesitation.
Last, but not least, John Galton is always available to any demonstration and information !"
C & P.

"Mr Galton,
It is with pleasure that I accept to give my opinion on yours crutches.
I decided to buy the Galton's crutches because I just bought a brand new Merry fisher 725. It was important for me to keep the manufacturer's warranty on the hull. To do so, I needed a system that required no hole drilling in the hull. At first, I used fenders to stabilized the boat, until the boat slipped. The boat was just lying on its side but my wife felt and get unjured. I decide to stop with this dangerous money-saving system and went for the GALTON'S. It's reliable, simple to use and is guarantee by a professional liability. Now, we are beaching with pleasure and people and my boat are covered in case of problems.
Congratulation for your invention."
Yves Boleis

"good system we are very happy"
S. Periou

"I have the adjustable model, it is a slightly expensive but I hope to keep them a long time.
Actually, I am planning to change my boat for a Boston Whaler 285 Conquest. Have you heard of one for sale ?

"We recently acquired the system, we only beached once, the setup is as easy as shown in the video. The GALTON'S crutches are perfect !"
PO Dubois

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