Frequently asked questions

Are the GALTON'S crutches adaptable to all boats ?

The GALTON'S crutches fit most of power boats.
It is necessary that the hull of your boat be V-shaped with a small flat edge between the V and the freeboard.
An adapter for semi-rigid hulls is also available

How to set the GALTON'S up ?

An instruction manual is included in the GALTON'S crutches package.
The initial setting is done in just a few steps (approximately 20 minutes).
Setting up system will then take less 30 seconds.

Where to buy ?

The crutches are available directly via our website store.
You may also contact your closest GALTON'S retailer (see full list in the Dealer section) to have full installation, pricing and delivery time details.

Can I use the GALTON'S as a berth ?

Yes ofcourse, this is one of the many advantages of the GALTON'S crutches, and thanks to the innovative instellation process, you will be able to take the boat off the trailer alone.

And if I change my boat?

This is another benefit of the GALTON'S crutches : you vill be able to reset them up to another boat with height of ridge included in the range or use of your crutches (only for the adjustable GALTON'S BSR1, BR1, BR2, BR3). If you change for a semi-rigid hull (or vise versa), simply order a hull adapter.

Why is this system safe?

The crutches are designed to carry a one ton load per crutch. When the system is set up well, the crutches do not carry the boat. The boat must be lying on its central keel. The crutches are just there to maintain the boat in horizontal position. There is therefore a wide safety margin. The aluminium used to manufacture the GALTON'S is specifically designed to resist to corrosion.

List of compatible boats

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